Women, pink “pussycat” hats, and positive energy flooded the streets of
673 cities across the world. No continent nor marginalized group was left unrepresented in this international push towards equality and civil rights for all.

Below are images from the New York City march, one of the largest today.

Two police officers take off the “do not cross” tape to let marchers onto the street.

Stand-still pedestrian traffic for a good cause.

The march didn’t only draw support from women.

Families came together.

The next generations proved that love will always trump hate.

Mother and daughter marching together, hand-in-hand.

The generation of justice.

The march extended beyond women’s rights; it was for equality.

People marched for immigrants’ rights.

People marched for the environment.

People marched for reproductive rights.

People marched for human rights.

People even marched to promote positivity.

Just a day after the inauguration, of course things got political.

“Say no to Putin’s apprentice.”

A reminder of conflicts of interest and suspiciously close ties with Russia.

“53% of white women voted for Trump.”

Two letters that sum up how a lot of us feel.

Love, not hate, makes America great.