It’s tough out here guys. Everyone’s trying to stunt on everyone else, but who can really afford it? Well there are a few things you can do. One, you can steal $20 from your mom every night,praying she won’t catch you. Two, you can trap (probably not the best idea). Three, you can take the L train over to Williamsburg and come through to the fashion mecca that is About Glamour.

From Yohji Yamamoto mens spring summer collection

From Yohji Yamamoto mens spring summer collection

Walk through the doors and right off the back you can see racks of high-end European and Japanese labels populating the store. To name a few, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Android Homme, Agnes B, Vivienne Westwood, APC, and Margiela.I mention that everything is pretty much under $300? The store is divided into two section, one for men and one for women. Go further back into the stores are the most knowledgeable team of vintage clothing that can answer any questions you have about a garment.

Formerly a warehouse, the store makes efficient use of its ample space, packing tables near the front with an eye-catching array of tea sets and glassware, and grouping apparel by style in the back.

Experienced vintage-prowlers snap up Vivienne Westwood handkerchiefs in space-age, Comme des Garçons jackets, and Yohji Yamamoto shirts, which hang among plentiful men’s plaid button-downs and boxy blazers on rods suspended from the ceiling. 

But in a neighborhood saturated with vintage boutiques, the store sets itself apart with its eccentric Japanese influence, offering cutesy illustrated cards and prints from Propeller Studios, Amifa’s intricate gift wrap, knee-high BRG combat boots, and colorful neckties from Tokyo. The store is beautifully curated and appeals to people of all styles.

About Glamour is located at 107A N. 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY