Alexander Wang gets us. He gets the youth, because he is the youth. And that’s what rang through his collection last night. From dark, heavy denim, to delicate lacy tops, and furry coats, he embodied both the nostalgia that is so prevalent within the youth’s fashion–a return to the 2000s or 90s—yet he also embodied the new simplicity, and athleticism found in current street-wear. When he unveiled his collaboration with Adidas, it just reinforced this idea. He brought a new cool, let’s say a refined cool, to the track suit and the hoodies, to the beachwear, and the bra tops. Because that’s just what Alexander Wang does.

His clothing is effortless and nonchalant, yet it’s also smart. There aren’t random articles of misfitted clothing–everything is fit perfectly, tailored, and thought-out. Because right now, the youth’s a big part of fashion, but it’s not all dazed and confused.

    Take one look at Alexander Wang, and you’ll see where this comes from. He himself, is a cool kid. A cool kid that isn’t distant, and isn’t exclusive. He’s there with everyone, drinking, celebrating, and dancing beside the McDonald’s truck and spray painted vans that surrounded his after-party. He’s there with all his models, and friends, and he’s there with us.