Heron Preston is an established streetwear designer who has had his influences on fashion for years. Starting out with Nike, to making bootlegged Givenchy t-shirts eventually moving onto working with Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams, and others on Been Trill, DONDA & Kanye West. He now owns his own self titled label “Heron Preston and HPC Trading co. Heron Preston goes in depth, talking about his roots and how he became the icon he is today.


Uncommon Radio is a branch of The Uncommon Magazine that brings in modern day youth cultural influencers and leaders in today’s world of music, fashion, and art. This podcast serves as a testament to how Heron has always been about supporting as well as being one of the key figures in youth culture today. One of two founders of The Uncommon Magazine, Walter Harvin, is responsible for bringing Heron in to talk about his humble beginnings in the art world. 

Special thanks to James Pierce, Tyler Marlowe, and Richard Pierce Studios .