If there’s one thing that can be said for certain is that NYC teens love their street wear. When walking around SoHo or down the halls of your school, there is the usual sight of young kids dressed down in Supreme, Bape, and KITH. Needless to say, these brands have become landmarks in street wear. Still, there’s so much more to the world of street wear that the most “stylish kids in the world” are sleeping on. Whether it be a brand headed by the former creative director of Supreme, one of NIGO’s very own, or just another obscure Japanese brand, it’s needless to say that some of the best brands out there are being overlooked by the youth.

1. Cav Empt

The child of the secretive yet acclaimed former designer of Bape, SK8THING, Cav Empt (aka C.E) is just one of the many Japanese street wear brands that have been killing it. The brand maintains a modern aesthetic combined with an urban appeal. Every season comes with a range of crazy fleeces, moleskin jackets, graphic crew necks, and ridiculous pullovers. With collections highly centered around obnoxious graphics, functionality, and killer details, it is only a wonder why this brand has not been picked up by NYC teens. 


2. Brain Dead

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Brain Dead is a collective of artists and designers from all over the world. With it’s disruptive, graphic-led, no shit giving attitude, the brand has taken cues from all walks of life: old school punk, underground comics, skate culture, and subculture as a whole.

Although the brand is fairly new, it has gained a cult following among skaters and street wear enthusiasts. With a growing number of supporters and a recent collab with Dover Street Market, Brain Dead has gone from being a small group of artists to the next big thing in street wear.

3. Richardson

No, not created by the strange fashion photographer Terry Richardson, but is perhaps just as odd. What originally began as an erotic magazine by former creative director of Supreme, Andrew Richardson, has now grown into a full clothing line. In 2003 founder of Supreme, James Jebbia convinced Richardson to supplement his magazine with a line of t-shirts and hoodies. What many are calling “the last underground street wear brand in New York” is tucked away in a small boutique tucked away in the Lower East Side. Richardson offers a variety of street wear staples and accessories ranging from nylon bomber jackets to phallic shape incense burners.

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4. Noah

Yet another brand spearheaded by a former creative over at Supreme, Brendon Babenzien. Noah highlights everything you love about Supreme with an emphasis on quality and detail orientation. Not to mention, he also opened his first flagship store just a few blocks down from Supreme. His most recent collection is full of bangers. A sun dyed fisherman’s sweater, a light wool windbreaker, a Grateful Dead themed belt, and his first venture into Japanese denim all draw an arrow to what perhaps may become the next hotspot for NYC youth.

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5. Wacko Maria

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.44.42 PMIf anybody ever needed any evidence that Japanese street wear is killing the game,Wacko Maria is all the evidence they would need. Established in 2006, using music as the basis of the brand, Wacko Maria has been producing garments that combine Japanese obscurity, military influences, and classic American street wear. Their latest collection is highlighted by classic American styles including jerseys, baseball jackets and garage shirt, in addition to tees and hoodies emblazoned with graphic prints and it’s ubiquitous slogan “Guilty Parties.” With only one store carrying the brand in NYC it is pretty difficult to come by, but that doesn’t mean that you should sleep on it.



The 5 Most Slept On Streetwear Brands Amongst NYC Teens
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