Capturing the intersection of today’s trends and those of decades before the internet, Uncommon Magazine’s latest style editorial, “Rough Draft,” styled by Walter Harvin and Theo Telonis, encapsulates nostalgia and highlights modern streetwear. Teenage models, draped in cult classics, such as Supreme, Vetements, and the like, give the individual pieces more than a mainstreamed label; the models give it character — they show that creativity transcends the borders between intended use (for example, the basketball jersey) and trendsetting. They embody the notion that “fashion” is not definable nor a cookie-cutter set of rules — it’s how you wear it, not what you wear.

Take the underground favorite DHL tee, for instance. Vetements turned the ordinary and mundane into trends as they pioneered Paris Fashion Week in 2014. Clearly, a cotton short-sleeved shirt, with an international mailing service’s logo plastered across the chest, is not what millennials find cool or kitschy; it’s the fact that a brand made it cool by launching it into the fashion world — reminding people internationally that even the simplest of pieces can be bold, stylish, or head-turning.

What “Rough Draft” does best is channel these effortless vibes into something more than the stereotypical “carefree” flowing white linen shirts, light wash denim, and beaches; it takes everyday staples and transforms them into tomorrow’s trends, styled in today’s hottest brands.

Film by Avery Kim

Styled by Walter Harvin and Theo Telonis

Feature Photograph by Chelsea Lehner