Pillar: On the Meaning of UNCOMMON


“Todays youth take subways alone, buy their own lunches, and make  their own bedtime. This does not mean we lost the spark we call imagination. What we now have however is independence. There is also something we have lost that we try to keep, it is that genuine face to face connection. Glowing screens thread us together and we need to be able to work with the technology wave.

I’ve spent a lot time trying to establish  a yellow brick road for myself. No actually I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make a new color. The thing with color is that there are shades. If you combine blue and yellow you get green but if you add more blue you get turquoise which is a shade of blue. Turquoise isn’t a color itself. Turquoise is me. I’m trying to be more than just green or blue I’m trying to mix it up a little. That’s what we are all trying to do. We are all colors on a vast palette. So much is balanced on the way we see the world. If we choose to see it under the light or in the shadows. The amount of pressure that is put on our shoulders makes us bend. We can choose to be the kids that don’t give a f*ck and hide our actual feelings or we can be the kids the cry on each others shoulders at three o’clock in the morning because that is love that is connection. One of my fondest memories is pouring my heart out to my friends at a sleepover we told our greatest teenage battle stories and we are forever bonded because of it. We talked about the stigma of mental illnesses and young habits.

As a mixed chick from the city living in suburbia I struggled to define myself. My inability to be from just one place put a hole in my self confidence. In middle school I went through phases, as many of us do, whether I was the 90s grunge kid or the 80s gogo girl. I didn’t like living in the moment. I wanted to be born during those times so I acted as if I was. What I have noticed is that we are beginning to care what skin we are in, and what pack we travel with but we need to look beyond that into our creativity, our minds. That is what uncommon means to me. it means self expression. This is me expressing myself by writing for uncommon an outlet that connects unique youth and illustrates their story.”