We interviewed Tamara Grunberg–who happens to have great style, and some great stuff to say.


1. Describe your background. How has that influenced the person you are today?

My upbringing was nothing to complain about. Growing up in a Jewish house but being brought to Chinese festivities every other week made my life interesting. I was lucky enough to grow up with two very influential cultures all under one roof. I think my family has influenced me to be independent but in the last 10 years of my life, especially the last 4 years, my friends are the ones who have helped me become who I am right now. In my group of friends, I’m the youngest…I keep a very small friend group and what I like about us is that we are all so different in age, career goals, and style…yet I think its our humour that holds the bond between all of us so close. That and maybe the fact that no one else wanted to be friends with us so we were each others only choices. Just kidding…. kinda. Anyways my friends influence me the most. They are the best advice givers and so patient with me whenever I repeat myself or continue on with conversations we had 3 days before. Being the baby, they’re the kind of people that look out for me and are my biggest supporters. They are also the most honest so if I ever fuck up they are the first ones to tell me it ain’t working but that its gonna be ok. I think without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Which is super cliché sounding but its true because they are my best friends, my personal photographers, my therapists, my extra closet and…they make me food. How could a girl complain?

13942337_1633713626919816_4004567_n 2. How would you describe your lifestyle?

I feel like my life is suuuuper dull in comparison to most. I work and I go home and work on personal work and then on weekends I do all the work I avoided during the week and I go hangout with my friends. That’s it, nothing crazy. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as low key.


3. What sort of things can you not live without?

On a first-world level?

My computer, my phone, my water bottle, my friends, my family, my clothes and a constant source of chocolate chip cookies.

4. In what ways do you stand out amongst the thousands of other kids on the fashion scene ?

See I have always felt that in the fashion industry, as amazing and inspiring as it is, it’s completely impossible to be original. Of course you could say that there are people that dress better then others or are more unique but I still feel like that fits into a category. I know I’m not the only girl that wears baggy pants and t-shirts –there are most definitely 1000 girls who sport a similar style to mine. Which I think is sweet! It’s a way of knowing you have a “community” out there. People sometimes get possessive over their “original” style and can get mean if they see someone copying their look but I just think it’s a compliment! Fashion is meant to be shared no one is gonna be who you are as a person so why worry about it if they are wearing the same look as you. So for me I just do what I do. I am inspired to dress how I dress by guys and girls. A lot of whom I follow on Instagram and I just be myself.


5. When did you realize that you were into fashion?

Early…when I was 4 I would make dresses out of kleenex for my barbies ( they were always going to the Oscars) and then later in high school when I would cut up my moms vintage clothes and make them “cooler.” And then on the first day of university in the fashion program when I realized that this was the spot for me. I feel like I always keep realizing I’m into fashion. I’m just so inspired by people and what they wear.

6. How has fashion affected your lifestyle and the choices you make as a young adult?

I wouldn’t say its affected my lifestyle but as a young adult I guess I am more conscience of what is happening in current events at this time and how fashion can help spread the word. Whether it be through a graphic t-shirt or teaching people to be more conscience to not dress themselves in a culturally appropriative  manner. I think we are at a good time to be more self aware of what we are putting out there when we dress ourselves. Because it is one thing to express yourself (I’m all for that) but then it is one thing to express yourself in a way that is ignorant. Being young I just do the best I can to create a path in life that I’ll look back on without regrets!


7. What’s your “dream?”