Since the 1950’s when Chuck Berry was jamming away on his electric guitar, rock & roll has become a staple in American culture. Since then rock has experienced a myriad of transformation, blending with elements of punk, folk, and grunge, making it perhaps the most versatile and loved genre of music. Mac Demarco is the embodiment of this transformation, mixing elements from every decade dating back to the 70’s. Mac produces a unique sound mixing elements from folk music and the depressing tones of grunge and punk into something completely his own.

Mac’s music spreads across a wide range of emotions that everyone can relate to. Wether you just caught the feels for the love of your life or if you just went through a terrible breakup, Mac is there with you. His breakout album Salad Days was released in 2014 and ever since he has received the recognition he deserves as the crazy cig-smoking guitar-playing badass. Even rappers like Tyler, the Creator have recognized his dope style and blues heavy lyricism.

We highly suggest listening to his two latest albums Salad Days and A Heart Like Hers. The sweet sound of his guitar playing is chill and down to earth providing a great vibe for this summer nights outside watching the stars. If you wanna check Mac out live in concert, he comes to New York for two nights, May 15th and 16th at Webster Hall.