GUYS. This is some next level shit. Ralph Lauren’s nephew, Greg Lauren has started making clothes and I think it’s safe to say he’s on his way to surpass his uncle as the next god of menswear. Still, even though they are related by blood, their styles could not be more different.


We all know Ralph as the patriarch for classic, ivy, and vintage style, but Greg has basically thrown away anything that’s resembled his uncle’s brand and has started from scratch. Finding inspiration in literal deconstruction and “destroyed elegance,” Greg Lauren’s collections typically feature handcrafted garments repurposed from seemingly odd fabrics. Think of 19th Century indigo sashiko quilts, vintage US military tents, and frayed ponchos. GL has combined tech, military, and the chill ass vibes of Cali to bring NYC into the next generation of menswear.

Yes, the price point is steep. Frankly a lot steeper than his uncle’s, but still, I see y’all buying $750 Vetements hoodies. Lay off the Vetements for a few months and buy this sick, handmade antique striped indigo tux jacket instead. That jacket is #influencer shit right there. You’ll probably get another 500 followers just for posting one pic of you stunting in it.