Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Preston and I am creative director and CEO of Preston Douglas.
Where are you from and how did you enter the fashion industry? 
I’ve lived in Houston, Texas all my life. I got into the sneaker culture around 12/13 and got into collecting Nike SB’s which then led to Jordans and tons of other sneakers. This led me into streetwear, and I eventually got introduced to the luxury market through designer shoes when I was about 16. I was collecting Balenciagas, Louboutins, Ann Demeulemeesters and other stuff no one in the south was wearing at the time. I started styling rappers and became really involved in the rap scene in Houston for a while.
How has that influenced the person you are today
All of my experiences throughout my teenage years led me to where I am today, owning and operating my own fashion company. I always have had a passion for business and creativity and I found the medium to best express both sides of myself. The traditional sneaker culture still exists today but it’s now more intertwined with the fashion scene than it was when I was coming up.
How would you describe your lifestyle?
Busy. I am a full time student, a part time intern, all while maintaining the day to day operations of my business. I don’t go out like I used to and I’m definitely not as wild as I used to be. My ideal Friday or Saturday night would consist of designing, playing poker with friends, going to an art gallery, checking out a new restaurant, playing call of duty, watching a documentary—stuff like that.
What are some everyday rituals you cant live without?
Morning prayer & getting advice from older, wiser friends. I have to do these things every day to stay in the middle and keep myself in check while putting in the necessary work to get where I want to go.
In what ways do you stand out amongst the thousands of other designers on the fashion scene?
Each collection tells a story. One of my goals is to convey the emotion behind the garments that inspired them and translate that to the customer. I also create truly unique, innovative pieces that I have never seen done before.
When did you realize that you were into/influenced by fashion? 
I first realized I was influenced by fashion before I was even collecting sneakers. I was really involved in skateboarding and basketball and I always was drawn to what my favorite skaters were wearing and basketball footwear. I knew that I wanted to go into the fashion industry around 17 and took my first sewing class on the weekends during my senior year of high school.
How has being a business owner affected your lifestyle and the choices you make as a young adult?
Owning and operating my own business at 21 while I’m still in college is difficult. I have to manage my time well and put in as much work as I can on the weekends so I can make good grades while also push my business to the next level. I’m not like most college kids. I see people going to clubs, tailgating, partying on snapchat all weekend and sometimes I get sad that I can’t and don’t do that. However, I know where I want to go and my passion for fashion keep my long-term goals looking hopeful.
What is your “dream” ?
My dream is to create an internationally recognized brand. I don’t want to limit myself in anything I do but at the same time I must focus my energy on one task, one collection, one show at a time. I want to bring feeling back to fashion. The brands that I am most drawn to make me feel something when I see a look book, collection, or show.