Albums We’re Hyped for in 2016

Father – I’m a Piece of Shit [March 25]

Father-Holding-Eye-e1457460813274Father’s 2015 release “Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First” not only displayed the Awful Records kingpin’s effortlessly original take on traditional Atlanta Hip-Hop, but also exemplified the diverse and always evolving state of the genre today. The album offers a depressively honest, and sometimes nauseating take on modern party Rap about drugs, women, and violence. The calm chaos that surrounds Father’s music is both intriguing and unpredictable, leaving the listener with a uniquely dark approach to popular modern Hip-Hop. 


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Nonagon Infinity [April 29]


As last year’s Paper Mache Dream Balloon proved, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is a band that is not afraid to take risks or experiment with new sounds. Their cloudy, distorted, overly-Psychedelic sound, and quirky aesthetic has only been amped up in recent works, setting out for Nonagon Infinity to be a refreshingly playful, yet bold record for psychedelic rock.

Kaytranada – 99.9% [May 6]


Over the past year, the Montreal producer has proved his sonic diversity with impressive contributions to albums from Anderson Paak, Wiki, The Internet, and more. Kaytranada has recently shown that he can excel in other styles past his groovy signature disco remixes, making this full length album one to look forward to, for electronic, Hip-Hop, soul, and jazz fans alike.

Death Grips – Bottomless Pit [TBA]


death gripsOn July 2nd, 2014, infamous experimental Hip-Hop outfit Death Grips posted a photo of a handwritten note on Facebook that announced the group’s breakup. The group claimed their previously announced album “The Powers That B” would be their last album. The internet blew up and many saw this as the shocking and abrupt end of the revolutionarily innovative Sacramento-based band, but I didn’t. Being familiar with the group’s similar past antics, I only saw it as a bold stunt to garner attention towards the new album, a sign that Death Grips was offering something great on “The Powers That B.” Unsurprisingly, the album took numerous risks, displaying the ever-evolving and experimental sound of Death Grips, while still maintaining their outrageously punk style and sound. The LP nailed this so perfectly that it left me wondering how the trio could possibly put out another album that surprises their fans with its innovative sound. With the album underway, Bottomless Pit will serve as an aggressive and dark testament to the few musical fields which Death Grips has yet to explore.




Though it may not live up to the intangible perfection of Madvillainy, or even the less ethereal, but classic Mouse and the Mask, I remain hopeful for the long awaited joint album from the metal-faced villain, MF DOOM, and the extremely dependable Wu-Tang elite, Ghostface Killah. The two have been toying with fans about the full-length since 2005, originally claiming it would be out by the end of that year, then again in February 2007, and more recently Ghost claimed that the album would be out in February 2016, a promise that went expectedly unfulfilled. Though MF DOOM being exiled from the US may play a role in the mystery of the album, recent single releases from the duo, as well as this week’s SXSW performance featuring Ghostface accompanied by a large projected image of DOOM, are leaving Hip-Hop fans hopeful for the joint album from the genre’s most obscure lyricist, with the impressively reliable Wu-Tang legend.