Gucci’s new creative designer, Alessandro Michele said, “I was thinking over the past few days that the purpose of fashion is to give an illusion. I think that everybody can create their masterpiece, if you build your life how you want it.” I’ve wondered why fashion has the capability to pull me in, why do I love it so much? For all I know, clothing is clothing. But it’s for the very reason that Michele points out: that you have the ability to create your own illusion, build your own life with fashion. Fashion allows me to dream, to imagine the impossible and to create whatever I want. It gives me control over my dreams. I look at beautiful worlds, filled with things from polar spectrums of the imagination. Then, I go on, and create these worlds for myself.

“Beauty is something that you create–that you create the illusion of your life.”

Michele knows exactly what this encompasses; he embodies dreaming within his collection–he dreams of the past, the future. He hints at everything we’re into: to the nostalgic vintage of previous decades, but for newness as well. He pulls his inspiration from museums, thrift shops, antique stores, flea markets, and of the world in front of him. His Victorian era/70‘s-themed/futuristic SS17 collection showed his capacity to mold through time, creating his own reality. He blends his inspirations with the currents of our new world, of our new societal trends, and patterns. His collections are androgynous, independent, dreamlike, and inventive. So with keeping with the old, he too, is creating an eternal present.

“If you think about art, art is about being made a little bit uncomfortable.”

He dreams of the uncomfortable, of things you don’t quite know what to think of. And that’s what leaves you always wanting more, because it’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of a constantly recurring fashion cycle.