If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock for the past year, you have probably heard at least one person talk about the online resell store Grailed. Founded by Arun Gupta about two years ago, the small scale resell store has evolved into a mecca for menswear. From Supreme to some v rare Japanese brand (you know how I feel about that), the site is filled to the brim with both product and content. The site began following a similar model to eBay. Sellers would put their listings on the site and have a buy it now price. However, what made Grailed stand out from every other online resell shop was that costumers could negotiate the price for the item and end with a dope garment for next to nothing.

Today the site has grown from a small start up to the next big thing in menswear. Grailed has moved from San Francisco (hometown of Arun) to the streets of lower Manhattan and is spitting out new content everyday. This changed occurred a few months ago around the time when the menswear blog Four-Pins shut down for good (RIP Jon Moy). Everyone at Four-Pins went their own way. The gawd Jon Moy went on to freelance and have his own column in Highsnobiety, Skylar Bergl continued writing and editing for Complex Style, and Four-Pins’ EIC, Lawrence Schlossman came on board to Grailed to help turn the site from a resell store into its own lifestyle.

The philosophy behind Grailed is to covet every single fire jawn you can find, and cop it for the low. To highlight this, the Grailed team curated a rare collection of vintage and hyped up garments including the likes of Supreme, Cav Empt, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent Paris, Raf Simons, Helmut Lang, and Undercover. The Grailed 100 was nothing short of a success with every single product selling out within the hour.

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To capitalize even further on their success, just a few days ago, Grailed released their own blog Dry Clean Only. As one would imagine, the blog is meant to highlight certain products on the site, showing how the Grailed lifestyle is the right life style. So far the blog consists of a few short articles providing costumers the option to buy rare shirts from Supreme or some dope sneakers for the spring. One of the biggest stand outs on the site, however, is their “annotated” street style section. Taken by acclaimed street style photographer, George Elder, the beloved street style section from Four-Pins and Complex makes it’s return to Grailed with one little twist. Bellow each picture are links to the products shown in the pictures above, allowing menswear nerds and fuccbois alike to join the #Grailed movement.

The concept seems so simple, but yet it’s genius. It takes away all of the hassle and distraction from forums and buying & selling pages, replacing it with an orderly system that allows people to cop fuego joints until they’re eating ramen every night for dinner. Props to Arun and the whole Grailed team for creating a platform for the entire menswear community to come to together and waste their money on things they don’t really need.

You can buy the Grailed app here and stay tuned for The Grailed 100 S/S16