We recently spoke with Samuel Drake Nicholas–an upstarting model who walked for Gosha Rubchinskiy’s SS17 show. Rubchinskiy’s line has made big waves within the industry and our current culture–mainly for it’s pull towards street-style, youth-culture. and post-soviet vibes. Nicholas isn’t a model, nor is he famous–but his look completely embodies the Gosha Rubchinskiy aesthetic. (N.N.)

W: Let’s start with the basics…what’s your name and how old are you? 

S: My full name is Samuel Drake Nicholas, and I’m 17 years old, I was born on April 8th 1999, so no special date or anything, just a regular day. Biz Markie shares the same birthday as me though.

W: Where do you live? 

S: I’m English, born in a city called Bradford, raised there too. I still live there now.

W: Did you like growing up there?

S: It’s a pretty boring place, nothing much going on ever, it rains a ton, and there isn’t anywhere particularly interesting there, so I guess it was kinda boring.


W: Do you consider yourself a model?FullSizeRender

Gosha Rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy

S: I don’t really consider myself a model yet, however, one day I’d like to. I’m seeing how far I get right now before I give myself a label.

W: How did you get in the Gosha Rubchinskiy show?

S: I saw the post on Gosha’s Instagram about the casting and then I never really heard much else about it…but then his assistant hit me up on IG direct and well that’s it.

W: Was it a hard process?

S: Honestly there wasn’t one second I found it hard or like a “job”, the whole thing was so surreal and I was so thankful for it I was ready to do anything required.

W: Were you nervous and if so why?

S: In some aspects I guess, on the rehearsals everyone did everything so well so I was under pressure that I’d be the one to make the first mistake. Thankfully it all went smooth though.

W:How was the experience?

S: Oh it was so great, the first thing I thought when I was heading there was if the other models were pro or semi pro so I thought I would be in a huge shadow, but even the successful models were friendly and made me feel welcome. I find it hard to put into words how crazy it actually was.

W: Did you meet Mr. Rubchinskiy?

S: Yeah, the squad met Gosha on the first day we arrived, that’s another thing I thought about, fashion designers who are usually that successful are kinda ignorant, like they look down on you, but with Gosha it was the opposite, he’s a great guy.

W: How many looks did they do for you?

S: We all spent the first day in different outfits and seeing what complimented our style and fit us the most. Everyone tried out a couple of styles until Lotta Volkova and Gosha were happy with it.

W: How many shows did you walk in?

S: The ss17 show consisted of 2 walks, there were 4-5 of us on the floor the same time following a circuit, the second time the whole crew did the walk.

W: Who are your fashion inspirations?

S: My inspirations have gotta be most of the people involved with Supreme, like Angelo Baque and Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith, Sean Pablo, Tj and then people from the music scene, like Skepta and Earl, and then others like Ceon Broughton, Virgil Abloh and, of course Gosha.

W: Who are some people who you think are on the rise within youth fashion?

S: Some people I met at the Gosha show, especially this one guy Dan…he recently modeled for Dior Homme …I know he’s gonna do big things. Valentin Fufaev too–he owns DoubleCheeseburger. He’s gonna kill it. Also, Paul Hameline–he recently modeled for Balenciaga and Vetements (shout out to Lotta and Demna). I know he’s gonna make waves, I can tell.