Do it Different is a mobile application made by Gregory Samus that will allow young entrepreneurs the space they need to bring their clothing brand to the top. As a brand owner DID is the perfect platform to manage and update inventory. It allows you to communicate with your consumers and other brands for possible collaboration similar to the ways you would through social media. As a consumer, you’re given the chance to follow brands that you find yourself drawn to, and be notified on any sales, discounts, giveaways and any updates on the items the brands are selling. Consumers can shop from unique and one a kind brands that are selling unique and one of a kind items. DID provides a new outlet and opportunity for widespread brands that don’t have the space to showcase and sell their products in this way anywhere else. DID gives these brands and the faces behind the brands, the chance to reach their full potential.

DID launches in January/February, but in the meantime we are still working and looking for brands and influencers for the Do it Different series that will be presented in The Uncommon Mag. The series will cover a range of interesting influencers and brands who understand and live their lives doing it different.Do it Different is more than an application, it’s a movement, an idea and an experience. It’s a representation of the passion and drive that lives in our peers who desire to be their own boss in a world that too often tells them that that’s unrealistic and impossible. This society has a firm belief that the true definition of success is seen in the number of school years you’ve completed and the amount of degrees you’ve earned, DID is here to prove thats not the case.

We’re growing up in a society where the creative youth needs to keep

in mind that you can be your own boss and be successful. We’re growing up in a society where the youth needs to keep in mind that you can find success wherever you want, but just as long as you Do it Different.

Help me help us. Help me help the future and show future generations that their is no true definition of success, as long as you are doing it differently and doing it for yourself.

Look out for our first interview with Ari Dautaj coming later this week!

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