Davone Cambell, better known for his stage name of Daylyt, is undoubtedly one of the most talented competitors in the battle rap scene. His double meanings, intricate wordplay schemes and unique style make him a force to be reckoned with. The Californian rapper is also one of the most interesting personalities battle rap has to offer. Daylyt is most widely known for his wild antics, gimmicks and props that he incorporates in his battles. These crazy antics, which included defecating on stage and building multilayered costumes to wear while battling certainly made Daylyt stand out. This unorthodox climb up to the upper echelons of battle rap made Day one of the most hated rappers in the scene. At their best Day’s antics are harmless and hilarious. Sometimes they can even send a powerful message and enhance the viewing experience of the battle. At their worst they are disgusting acts that embarrass the scene as a whole.

Day’s antics aren’t always crazy, some of them are harmless and actually add to the experience. Against Iron Solomon Day attached mirrors to his clothes to set up for a clever line about one of Solomon’s signature phrases. Against QP, Day created an elaborate costume that made it seem like he was being carried in a box by another man. He talks to this fake man through the battle and uses the costume to set up a few lines. The costume added a level of hilarity that made the battle a pleasure to watch. Also in his title match with Pat Stay, the white champion of the King of the Dot rap league, Day dresses up as a slave for the first two rounds. In the third round Day breaks free of his chains and delivers an incredible third round. Even though Day lost the battle, the imagery is powerful and it stays with you even after the battle.


On the other end of the spectrum, Day’s antics can be absolutely horrid and completely cross the line. In his battle with Dialect, Day takes of his pants and begins to defecate on the stage. This battle was being run by one of the smaller battle leagues based in Europe and Day just blatantly disrespected everyone involved in the event. Day has also gone as far as to assault battlers in the past. In one of his battles with a lesser known rapper Day rubs his hand in his groin area and starts slapping his opponent with that same hand. Day shows no sign of stopping until several people involved in the event physically pull the two apart. Both these incidents generated a lot of buzz around Daylyt’s name and got him quite a lot of publicity and views, but he lost respect from hundreds of thousands of fans in the process.

These two drastic different versions of the Daylyt persona create an interesting duality within the character. Davone Cambell has perfected playing the role of the man everyone loves to hate and the man everyone loves to love. Two sides of the same coin, a coin Davone likes to flip often. He definitely had enough lyrical skill to be noticed without having to resort to gimmicks, but decided to go that route anyway. Perhaps he thought it would be a faster way of getting to the top tier of battle rap, or maybe we’ve been seeing the real Davone Cambell this whole time, and the Daylyt persona isn’t a persona at all. Love him or hate him you can’t deny Davone’s skill with a pen and the fact that Daylyt has firmly cemented his legacy as one of the most controversial and entertaining rappers the battle scene has ever had.