Technicolor fake ads zipped across the massive LED screens at the Oracle Arena in Oakland on Saturday night. Suddenly, a bellowing voice asked the crowd if we were “ready to rumble.” Then, in WWE style, the members of the Canadian indie rock band, Arcade Fire, hyped up on camera for the boxing ring. They were led into the square stage and began playing the first notes of “Everything Now,” their new title track single. The crowd went wild to the “Dancing-Queen-esque” beat and the festive show began.

Though there was no competition in the ring, Arcade Fire most definitely won Saturday night. They played their biggest hits from each album and still managed to perform a fair portion of Everything Now. The energy each band member brought was infectious and we all left with the same virus; its symptoms included smiling, exclaiming what a great concert it was, having the “Everything Now” pan flute riff stuck in our heads, and craving more Arcade Fire in the future.

They may have given their own new album a mixed review, but their Infinite Content tour is bringing euphoric memories to every city it touches.

Below are ten photos from the event: