Navy baseball caps with only four, all capital white letters in a minimalistic font speckled Broadway on June 24: “MATH.” Near The Late Show studio, looking at passersby from the shoulders down, many donned t-shirts with four other letters, this time in a more elaborate, patriotically trichromatic font: “Yang2020.” 

There’s an Asian man running for President with an innovative plan to give every American over the age of eighteen $1,000 per month, an impeccable meme game, a knack for running personable ads and social media, and a rapidly expanding following known as the “Yang Gang.” This man’s name is Andrew Yang, he was just on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he is a real candidate running on the platform of “Humanity First” and “MATH: Make America Think Harder.”

Sound too good to be true? Yang and his followers are so committed to his movement that “Humanity First” is no longer just a slogan, but a reality. Whether this is in the form of community service events held at a local level or Yang personally setting up “Universal Basic Income” (UBI) $1,000 per month experiments with American families, Yang has created a movement with impactful momentum.

However, despite Yang consistently discussing his plan to implement UBI and Yang Gang organizations across America looking out for their communities in volunteer-based service projects and activities, a lot of people do not know who Andrew Yang is. When talking to people in line outside of The Late Show studio in New York on June 24, most people had not heard of Colbert’s guest Andrew Yang – some even thinking Yang was a famous actor. 

So who is Andrew Yang? Is he the real-life version of the Monopoly board game doling out $200 every time you “pass GO”? Should he be taken seriously? Is he setting a precedent for Asians in politics? Is “Humanity First” achievable? Until you feel the immensely positive, community-oriented energy of the ever-growing Yang Gang in person, these questions cannot be answered fully nor objectively.

While not all of us are lucky enough to have an event like this in our area, and I was almost unable to get this footage until I was granted special authorization from CBS to interact with people in line, I was able to capture both the unknown and excitement surrounding Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. People from all over the country came for Colbert, but some specifically came for Yang.

Watch the video below to be caught up to date on a lesser-known candidate running for President, to experience the pre-show atmosphere outside of The Late Show studio, to understand why people may not know his name, or to reaffirm your love for Yang – just in five short minutes. 

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