There could not be a better example for the global stage than American leader, President Donald J. Trump.

Through childish rhetoric, incompetency, lack of worldliness, policy flip-flopping, and overall failure in keeping executive orders intact, Donald Trump has been the perfect chief executive to show the world what not to do. President Trump’s blunders and negative domestic impact have scared many countries away from like-minded xenophobic populists — most recently, France.

If it weren’t for our bombastic leader, voters across the globe would not be as mobilized to vote and lobby for public policy.

In America, voters were inspired on all parts of the political spectrum to get out and vote. This trend has also been seen in other nations with critical elections; President Trump’s dangerous presence has been a major factor in more countries than just the United States.

In some countries, politicians running for office are blatantly “Anti-Trump.” Other countries, such as Germany, have liberal candidates leading domestic politics. Without Donald Trump, the world would likely be in a very different state.

His divisive words and international polarization are actually unifying politics; the populist pendulum hit the far right with the win of President Trump, but his stellar model of unsuccessful leadership has influenced the pendulum to slowly swing back towards the middle. So thank you, Donald Trump.

Thank you President Trump for being a war hawk and accelerating the possibility of peace talks between North and South Korea. With the current South Korean president speaking against Trump’s talk of sending the first strike, the two quarreling nations may take a more diplomatic approach.

Thank you President Trump for disregarding human rights and praising President Duterte of the Philippines. Without President Trump’s validation and approval of Duterte, who has bragged about the systematic killing of his own people to solve the war on drugs, American mainstream media may not have continued to cover the Philippines human rights crisis as much.

Thank you President Trump for an unsuccessful Muslim ban that would keep Americans safe and bring back jobs. Many Muslim-Americans are now leaving the United States for more inclusive countries, such as Canada. So thank you President Trump for outsourcing our citizens who now fear for their own safety; thank you President Trump for bringing back jobs…to Canada.

Thank you President Trump for earning the lowest approval rating in American history for a leader at this point in his term.

Thank you for showing the world that immaturity, inconsistency, incompetence, and injustice does not thrive in a well-formed civil society.

Because of President Trump, I am hopeful our next leader will make America inclusive, unified, and great again.